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Experts Explain Which Nuts Are Most Beneficial for Human Health and Potential Risks

According to experts, consuming nuts can help boost brainpower, lower cholesterol, and alleviate various ailments in people.

Nuts contain many vital micronutrients, vitamins, dietary fiber that benefit the body. They are packed with B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc.

While high in calories, dietitians say all nuts are healthy and can aid weight loss efforts. Nuts are also eaten to improve metabolism.

The only downside, experts note, comes from overeating them. The recommended daily serving is no more than 50 grams.

“You can avoid gaining weight from nuts if your daily intake does not exceed 50 grams,” said nutritionist Dr. Katherine Berlyaev.

She advised exercising caution so that nuts become not just tasty but nutritious food. They can cause intestinal obstruction leading to severe health issues.

She emphasized that nuts can be detrimental for people with pancreatitis, possibly triggering flare-ups.

Overall, moderation is key to reaping the nutritional benefits of nuts without risk.

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