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How to Increase the Shelf Life of Lemons

To keep lemons fresh for as long as possible, you need to pay attention to their peel. Usually we choose fruits with a smooth peel without bumps, but such citrus fruits should be consumed soon. Slightly underripe fruits with a greenish and firm peel will keep best.

Pay attention to dark spots. If they are present on the lemons from the start, even minor ones, it means the lemon is starting to rot from the inside.

Lemons keep at room temperature for about two weeks. To slightly extend this period, coat the peel with vegetable oil.

In the refrigerator, in the vegetable drawer, the fruit can last quite a long time. It’s important not to keep it in plastic, to avoid condensation and rotting. Wrap the citrus in a paper bag or parchment paper to keep it fresh longer.

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